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•    A Patent, pending Barak B., Irina V., Ofir Aaharon, Dov G.B., Zeev B. WO 2014138741 A1, Pupil plane calibration for scatterometry overlay measurement 


•      Ofir Aharon, 2013 Patent US 20130307950 A1, Optical polarimetric imaging.

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•  Ofir Aharon, Ofer Arnon, Alex Borozovski, Yuval Kriger, Lior Rosenberg, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, "תאור מערכת הדמיה ספקטרו-פולרימטרית למטרת איבחון לא פולשני של סרטן עור"  REFUAH Journal - Israel (2011).
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•    Ofir Aharon, Avner Safrani, Shahar Mor, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Biomedical optical imaging assisted by liquid crystal devices, (Italy OLC2009 conference)

•    Ibrahim Abdulhalim, Ofir Aharon, Avner Safrani1, Shahar Mor,  (Moscow LLC-2009 conference)
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•    Ofir Aharon, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, "Tunable optical filter having a large dynamic range", Optics Letters, Vol. 34, No. 14 / July 15, 2009, PDF. Also can be found at Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics (VJBO).

•    Ofir Aharon, Ibrahim Abdulhalim, "Design of Wide Band Tunable Birefringent Filters with Liquid Crystals", (PIERS 2009 in Moscow)

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