Dr. Ofir Aharon

Dr. Ofir Aharon the inventor of BlueSky Scanner, Entrepreneur and Scientific Advisor. The initiator of the group. Ph.D. in electro-optics engineering, specializing in the field of liquid crystal devices for bio-imaging systems and computational electromagnetism.
Ofir was involved in international projects in the field of electromagnetism at the GSI, the particle accelerator in Darmstadt, Germany. While at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, he contributed to the field of nonlinear fiber optics. His essays and articles based on his research have been published in international scientific journals. Ofir has lectured at several professional conferences and has published over two dozen papers and articles.
Ofir was part of a research team at the CTO Department of Elbit systems(Elop), and later had a position at the Advance Development Group as part of the CTO of KLA-Tencor USA (Nano and Microelectronics). He is also the inventor of optical devices such as the DOSI scanner. He was Meopta’s representative and mediator in Samsung’s CTO and LG’s CTO - Korea headquarters.