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Technical Scope

Technical Scope


Optical laboratory, Setups and Management. I established several laboratories.

* Imaging systems design, Prototyping (3D) and build.

* Optical-Mechanical programming:

     - ZEMAX.

     - TracePro.

* Electromagnetism & Numerical computations:

    - COMSOL Multi-Physics. Wave Optics.

    - Lumerical-FDTD.

    - BMP-Beam propagation method.

* Hyper spectral imaging.

* Radiometry and Color computations (CIE1931 color space).

* Gratings and Photonic Crystals computations (periodic micro and nano structures):

    - Gsolver

    - Rsoft-DiffractiveMOD,

* Polarimetric imaging and Spectroscopy.

* Liquid crystal tunable filters and polarization controllers (I invented optical element).

* Optical Metrology.

* Programming skills:

       - Matlab (high level), Optical modeling, Parallel Computing (in Matlab IDE) , Graphic User Interface (GUI), Data Acquisition tools, Connection with MicroControllers. And more.

       - C, C++, Python.

       - LabView with Dynamic libraries using C, C++.

       - Micro-controller programming (Atml chips) for robotics prototype and as such.

* 3D Design:Design and build myself.

       - SolidWorks

       - Space Claim.

       - simplify3d

       - 3D prototyping (FlashForge, makerBot like machines).

* Light and Biology tissue.

* Microscopy (Optical, Interferometry).


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