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Time Line

March 2019 - Present

CEO at PATTERNOX LTD, Inventor of the company scanner

✔ Submitted New patent in 2020

✔ Established new LAB

✔ Developed Business model and business plan

✔ initiated Regulatory strategy

✔ Clinical trials in USA

✔ Built BETA prototype

✔ Presented data at conferences.

✔ Submitted proposal to Space agency to investigate astronauts' skin degradation under microgravity conditions.


September 2014 – March 2019.

Scade-Medical, Inventor & CTO  (No longer leading this company)

The inventor of DOSI scanner (Differential Optical Spectropolarimetric Imaging).  Design, program and built the DOSI scanner. Write codes to control the scanner. Write the post processing (DOSI Algorithms) for imaging. In vivo images were obtained in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burn Unit at Soroka University Hospital (Israel), Under Helsinki approvals. Pass successfully the POC stage. Raised lab for next generation scanner.   


September 2012 – September 2015. 

Research at the Advanced Development Group

* Next generations technologies. Side-by-side Tech + two patents.

* Build jigs at the Advance LAB.

* Optical Metrology and imaging.
* Optical setups at the Advance ElectroOptics LAB (also established the LAB).

* Interference Microscopy.
* Algorithm and analysis, Programming: C, C++ (cameras SDK & more), Matlab, Labview, Python, Microcontroller (Arduino like).

Simulations (Electromagnetism):
* COMSOL Multiphysics (FEM) – RF and Wave-Optics Modules.
* Lumerical-FDTD.
* OptiWAVE.
* Rsoft-Fullwave.

* Virtual LAB – LightTrans.

* RCWA - Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis, Gsolver, Rsoft-DiffractMOD.
Optomechnics and Raytracing:
* Zemax,  TracePro,  Solidworks.


 2011 – 2012.

Elop-ElbitSystems Rehovot, Optical physics, R&D at the CTO's group

* Manager of the development of Optical parametric oscillator using GaAs. Simulations: Rsoft, Beam propagation method.
* Physical computation ofHead Up Displays (HUDs).
* Planar light Guide for HUDs. New project.
* Parallel computing with Matlab.
* Colorimetric computation relaying on CIExy and CIE u'v'.
* Optical physics/ Fourier optics.
* Designing with Solidworksan opto-mechanical tools.
* building scattering program (Mie scattering theory). Using thedatat for Mote-Carlo in TracePro program.



January 2003 – September 2003

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Nonlinear Optics

* Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics. Subjects: Optimization of 10Gbps optical line with Raman and Erbium Doped Amplifier Accepted as a researcher at the Academy of science of the Czech Republic.

, year: 2000

Worked at the GSI, a Particle Accelerator situated in Darmstadt south of Frankfurt, Germany. With the collaboration of Darmstadt University of Technology. My boss was Dr. Markus Clemens specialized in “Theory of Electronic Fields”. 

Subjects: Numerical computation of Electro Magnetic Fields.






2007 - 2011: PhD, Ben Gurion University, Electro Optics Department. Theme: "Liquid crystal tunable filters and polarization controllers for biomedical optical imaging".


I developed a new imaging system for skin cancer diagnosis. See Haaretz newspaper:



2006 - PhD, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben Gurion University. One year to enhance my knowledge at electromagnetism in periodic structures.


2003-2006 - Travel in Europe on and off, studied Art, Philosophy, and took flight lessons on Cessna 172.


2000-2003 - M.Sc in Electro-Optics, Ben Gurion University. Thesis subject: “Minimization of the pulse timing jitter in a DC-WDM systems”, includes the aspects of nonlinear Electro-Magnetic propagation in fibers, and solving, numerically, system of Schrödinger equations by Split-Step Fourier-Method.


1996-2000 - B.Sc in Nuclear Engineering at the course of Electric Engineering, Ben Gurion University. Final project was about neutron flux in a nuclear core (theoretical).




Academic experience


2010 - Teaching the course of Introduction To Electro Optics Laboratory.


2008/9 -  I built a video website with experiments illustrations in optics.


2007 - Taught a course of Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory and built a websites for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ben Gurion University: In the website, I presented a video lessons with laboratory simulations and mathematical interpretations. I edited tutorials manuscripts, illustrations in video & sound, and integrated them in my website using html language.


2005-2006 - Teaching assistant for the course of Introduction to Semiconductors Devices, and its advanced course. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben Gurion University.


2003 - Accepted as a researcher at the Academy of science of the Czech Republic, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics.

Subjects: Optimization of 10Gbps optical line with Raman and Erbium Doped Amplifier.



2000-2002 - Teaching assistant in Electrical Engineering for three courses:

·         Mathematical methods for Physicists (Edited the course book and lectured it).

·         Introduction to Electrical Engineering - I.

·         Introduction to Electrical Engineering - II.




Social activities



  • Organized an open meetings about in Ofakim. This philanthropic activities I also convey in my website and at my home for very curious individuals.



  • Worked in programming: and at Ofek, affiliated to Eurocom-Beer-Sheva, and Ashrot company. Providing computer tutorial services to various parties.


  • Did projectsfor the Jewish Agency: Founding two computer centers through contacts with Jewish communities in and from New York and New Jersey.


  • Sent on a mission on behalf of the State of Israel to to meet with representatives of Jewish communities. The goal was to improve the education in Israel and to establish a twin cities. In addition, I raised money for computer classes I built for kids from poor families.


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